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  • W.Weitz GmbH & Co.KG
    Georgstrasse 46
    30159 Hannover
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A success story with a long history

Over 160 years ago, in 1848 to be exact, Wilhelm Weitz opened his first shop in Bad Piermont, when the trained engraver changed from finishing fine glass and glassware to trading in them.

His son Friedrich Weitz followed in his footsteps and in 1892 he opened the first shop in Hannover where the business was also in fine glassware until the turn of the century when the first porcelain from England was added to the range.

Thanks to the great success which followed, further shops were established in Bad Nauheim, Wiesbaden and on the island of Norderney.

It was on Norderney that Friedrich Weitz first met an employee who was to become a long-term companion of the Weitz family: Otto Töpperwien. In 1904 together with Töpperwien, Friedrich Weitz founded the shop in Hamburg’s Neuer Wall. The owner’s capital and expertise combined with Töpperwien’s energetic commitment were the perfect mix for a successful and equal partnership which lasted over 100 years until 1998, when the Töpperwien family withdrew from active involvement.

Along with the shop in Hamburg, branches were opened in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Copenhagen and St. Petersburg, but these no longer exist.

Now in its fifth generation the company is headed by Jürgen Weitz. Despite the fact that the market as such is in slight decline, the company has been developing against the trend. Along with the three shops in Hamburg, Hannover and Bielefeld, it is the internet business which is flourishing. Orders can be placed around the clock in our e-shops www.dibbern-shop-weitz.de and www.magimix-shop.de (from the end of May 2011). Tables for wedding lists can be permanently found online under www.ichwuenschemirweitz.de.

Weitz steht für hochwertiges Porzellan, Küchenmaschinen und Besteck.
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Weitz Porzellan, Besteck und Küchenmaschinen
Jürgen Weitz
Porzellan und Küchenkultur Spezialisten in Hamburg
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