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The loveliest reason for the loveliest present: a wish come true.

A wedding is among life’s most important events and the loveliest of all. The Weitz wedding service ensures that your wishes will be treated with special care for this very special event.

Choosing your gifts is easy: Either you choose online from our vast range at www.hochzeitstisch-online.de or a personal contact at one of our four shops will help with your choice of goods. You virtual wedding table is online then and your guests can shop form anywhere. Upon request we will elegantly present your choice of gifts on a decorative wedding table in one of our shops. This allows your guests to also buy directly in the shop. Our knowledgeable wedding team are at your disposal virtually and personally for any questions. Each gift is uniquely wrapped and we attach a label to show the name of the person giving the present.

Once the choice of gifts has been made, we ensure their delivery on your request. Your personal table adviser will agree all details concerning your order (duration, delivery time, gift vouchers etc.)

Here you will find your personal contact at the Weitz branch in your area.

In Hamburg and waiting to hear from you are:
Ismuni Hamurculu

Phone: +49 40 - 37 85 58 - 11

In Hannover and waiting to hear from you are:
Manuela Schmidt

Phone: +49 511 - 35 39 70 - 22
In Bielefeld and waiting to hear from you are:
Detlev Drechshage

Phone: +49 521 - 520 10 - 0

In AEZ Hamburg and waiting to hear from you are:
Karolina Hofmann
Phone: +49 511 - 35 39 70 - 22
Weitz Geschäft im AEZ in Hamburg
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